Saturday, December 30, 2006


Alas, poor HP, I knew him well...

Our computer, the main one that I use, has kicked the bucket. When I went upstairs to turn it off and get ready for bed the other evening, the blue screen of death was glowing from the monitor, mocking my agonized cries. I'd had no warning, so the photos stored on the computer aren't backed up, (take heed and back yours up now, those of you who feel so safe...) which just has me ill. Now we have decisions to make, and somehow will be procuring a new computer- hopefully soon!

I can still use Kate's laptop to access my email and, obviously, this blog.

More later, when Kate isn't breathing down my neck waiting to use the laptop!

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David said...

Just because you've seen a BSOD doesn't mean the computer is dead. Certainly doesn't mean you've lost all your files.

Seeing a BSOD means that you've likely got a problem with your memory, CPU, or possibly hard drive. But, if it's a hard drive problem, it will be a problem within the boot sector, not the data sector. The most likely culprit causing a BSOD will be memory. (If you want to post the text of the error message that was given on the BSOD, I could tell you for sure what was at fault.)

All that is to say, when you get your new computer, take your old hard drive out of your HP and put it into the new computer as a slave drive and you'll be able to find and retrieve all your old files, including your pictures. (If you need more info on how to do this, just let me know via mom)

-David Beisner