Friday, January 05, 2007

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty...

We've gone and done it. We have adopted a kitty from the Animal Rescue League. For years we told the kids that once we had a home of our own we'd think about it. Well, we now have said home. Rebekah has especially been campaigning for the fulfillment of that promise, being the least allergic of our tribe. We have learned that with a dosage of Claritin even our sniffliest kid can hang out with a kitty sans sneezing. Having talked it over with Jim, I researched adoption facilities online and found one literally around the corner from home. So yesterday Bekah and I went to take a look. To make a long story short, we came home with a very affectionate two year-old stray female domestic short hair. Her eyes are the most beautiful green, so we have named her Emerald- Emmi for short.

To introduce her to Vali I took a cue from "The Dog Whisperer" and had Vali in a posture of complete submission before bringing Emmi out of the carrier. Vali was so excited, even while on her back, that she was trembling from nose to tail. Emmi, meanwhile, took almost no notice of the big quivering dog. Our biggest hurdle would have been if Emmi flipped out over the presence of a dog, and, thankfully, that is not the case. She seems willing to tolerate, even befriend Vali, if Vali could take a valium and settle down enough to let it happen. On their own they seem to be working out an understanding. When Emmi goes anywhere Vali will follow her and then settle somewhere nearby to watch. Already Emmi is comfortable enough to nap cozily, even while Vali is watching just out of paw's reach.

Now the logistics of who gets her at night need to be worked out... She can only sleep on one bed at a time, and three of the kids want her!

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Debby said...

Leave the doors open and let Emmi roam from room to room