Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This is Winter?

As we watch the news about the Denver airport getting snowed in and the midwest in a state of emergency due to snow and ice storms, we can't help but wonder why it's still so warm here! Okay, so we're not asking for disasterous snowfall and loss of power, but something in which we can go sledding would be nice. We were fully expecting to have a family of snowmen in the front yard by now. This past weekend was absolute pea-soup fog. Yesterday I had some chauffering to do and there were places where we couldn't see the houses from the road. I dropped Kate off on one of the trips to take photographs in a graveyard that, with the church, dates back to the early 1700's- very interesting with the fog I'm sure. I could barely find her when I went to pick her up 15 minutes, (and 1 1/2 rolls of film) later. Our one tree outside that we put Christmas lights on in December is still decorated, awaiting a blanket of snow through which to shine- I love that. But lately it's simply been a beacon to guide us into the end of the driveway!

On the kitty front, all's well with our puddy-tat. She is finally breathing without congestion and her appetite has therefore returned. We stopped giving her the medicine when it was apparent that she was recovering as the ritual was causing her to regard us with suspicion every time we picked her up. She has claimed the bay window for herself and spends most of her time there. She can't be sunning herself, there's no sun, but the feline attraction to windows holds strong. She and Vali are making nice and will even cuddle now and then. Emmi wears a bell on her collar, so no matter where she is, we hear her when she goes somewhere. Vali hears the bell and runs to escort her wherever she goes. Vali has offered to play with Emmi even, certainly not understanding why she's being refused.

In other news, on Friday I learned from our new doctor that my Cholesterol is rather high. I already knew that of course, as I'm genetically loaded for it on both sides of my family. However, the dietary changes that I need to make, while not drastic from the way I eat already, have me suddenly craving everything fatty and cheesy! It's not like I have Mcfood on a regular basis- in fact, I avoid that stuff passionately- ick! But just thinking about exchanging real creamer for the fat-free stuff in my coffee and choosing brown rice over mashed potatoes has me climbing the walls. I know, I know, if this is my biggest problem... I have only just finished reading Julia Child's autobiography, and was anxious to start in on her cookbook, oh the irony, the injustice, the flavor!

On a serious note, we were at the doctor on Friday for Rebekah's annual physical. A couple of years ago during a routine school screening for scoliosis a bit of a curve was spotted in her back. Our doctor at that time chose to wait it out and see how her continued growth upward would affect her back. Our new doctor took one look at her back and ordered an x-ray to measure the degree of curve. She was able to point out how, if you look for it, you can even see how Bekah's shoulders aren't held straight because of her back. Now, it's not severe, but it is worthy of checking out and maybe even some kind of corrective action. Even a slight curve can cause pain issues now and down the road. I'll update as we find out more.

To end on a high note, we had a special treat last night. Kate picked up her friend, Laura, to come hang out for the evening. On the way here they went to the store and Laura bought the ingredients for a German meal which she then cooked for us! She prepared Schnitzel, (breadcrumbed and fried pork cutlets) and potatoes with peas & carrots in gravy. Yum! (Vytorin, here I come!) What a treat to have a guest chef for an evening. We'll be having her host family to lunch on an upcoming Sunday and I'm already planning a special menu for our sweet German. Perhaps Spaetzle with Jaeger Schnitzel, be still my heart! I'd better survive on broccoli until then.

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