Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Phone Call from IRAQ!

What a great way to start the day! At 4:30 am my cell phone started ringing at my bedside. Through the haze I initially thought it was my alarm going off, and why is it buzzing too? But once I figured out that it was a call, from a strange number, I answered to hear, "hi Mom!"! We were able to talk for an hour and 20 minutes. Everybody was pulled out of bed to have a chat. He is well and safe and feeling like a pirate king with all the cookies and packages they have recieved. No, they don't have real milk, just stuff engineered to have a 100 year shelf life and brought in from Kuwait. All of the goodies they recieved were divided among the whole platoon and shared. He said that if they'd left it all in the 15 Uniform office it would have been impossible to get in there. There was not a single complaint that cookies arrived stale or broken- since their dining facility isn't the greatest and he resorts to Chef Boy-ar-dee rather often the cookies are quite wonderful regardless of their state upon arrival.

There are still a few kinks for him to work out of their newly built network, but he sounds quite proud of it. His Mac laptop is, apparently, the best computer among his network buddies' machines so he is enjoying the benefits of their internet more than the rest. He actually was calling over an internet connection available on base, not their own- that's coming- but not needing the calling card that I sent. After speaking with us he was going to call his connection in London for further parts needed to fine tune the connection.

After we'd spoken for awhile he asked if anybody else was around, not realizing what time it was for us. When I told him that everyone was home and easy to find because they were in bed he was surprised and apologetic, but I didn't mind at all. I will be needing a nap later-oh boy- but right now I'm as high as a kite!

Thanks again for your prayers and your packages for my soldier, they abundantly appreciated!

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