Friday, January 22, 2010


Just wanted to share real quick some photos from the past week...

Erin loving on Milo in the basement. She had clipped his claws earlier, which may account for the look on his freaked-out face.

Still in the basement, Isaac pauses from his ping-pong practice for a shot.
Beautiful reflection at Gring's Mill. I'm not familiar enough with this park along the river, but I plan to be back for more photos and maybe a run once the pathways dry up.
Chicken under a brick, cover recipe from Bon Appetit, September 2009. Yum. I changed it up slightly, adding chopped fresh sage at the point of cooking in the pan, and a drizzle of honey as it went into the oven and when I turned it. Oh baby. And it's beautiful too!

Dinner guests, Ross and Margaret Anne, with their precious new baby, joined us for the chicken on Wednesday.

Mary Claire, absolutely precious.

And her sweet Mommy too.
That's all for now. I plan to get out this weekend for some shots that I've wanted to take around town. A little more purposeful, a little more involved. We'll see!


avalarue said...

W.O.W. on the reflection at Gring's Mill.

Kelli said...

Wow those are absolutely gorgeous pictures. I was wondering... when our baby is born, would you be interested in taking cute baby pictures? I'll take thousands of them but I know they won't look like any of the ones I just saw of yours!

Barbaranne said...

Whoa Kelli! I'd be honored! I'll have to find some cute babies and start studying up! And if it means seeing you again and meeting your sweet husband, it will be a multiple blessing.