Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Exciting News!

It has taken several days for me to get here with the news, but better late than never, right? Saturday Rebekah checked the mail only to find a letter from the Culinary Institute of America which began with, "Congratulations, you have been accepted..."!

Rebekah has been accepted into the school at the top of her list, which is also the premiere Culinary Institute in America, certainly, and probably in the world. Our chef, our Bekah, our child who has known with a singular focus for years now just exactly what she wants to do with her life, is now looking at an open door that leads to that future! What an answer to prayer this is.

Now we are praying still that Bekah would be focused and disciplined in the competitions in which she is going to participate at the State level, would proceed to the National level and succeed there as well, so scholarship opportunities would be available. There are other avenues which we will be pursuing for financing and scholarships in the meantime.

Now the paperwork begins as we work on the many details before us. But it is work that we are pursuing with great joy!

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