Monday, January 25, 2010

Jerusalem House of Kabob!

Since we moved to the Reading area, we have passed a unique looking establishment every time we drive to church, or really anyplace toward the city. Not far from the local Islamic Center of Reading, there is a halal grocery on one street corner, and diagonally across the intersection, the Jerusalem House of Kabob, combined with the Holyland Market, as announced by the giant yellow on red banner across the front of the store. We are adventurous eaters, and enjoy travel, so we figured that a dinnertime in the Holyland might be fun.

Music straight from the Middle East played as we entered the store. As we perused the shelves of the market, Jim saw many products that he had seen in the grocery stores in Dubai. Almost everything had the name written in Arabic first, with English added as well. Smells of olive oil, garlic and exotic spices emanated from the "restaurant" side of the store. Perusing the menu, Jim felt right back in Dubai as we read off the choices. The girls quizzed the owner on the vegetarian-friendly offerings and were assured that the falafel was the way to go. Jim chose the beef kabob platter and I went with a chicken kabob sandwich. Isaac wasn't so sure; no order for him.

While we waited for our dinner we chose a few items from the market shelves. A Turkish coffee that Jim remembered, boxed falafel mix, Lebanese olive oil, aromatic Basmati rice. Once out food arrived we said a blessing and tucked in.

Oh. Yum.

The girls' eyes opened wide as they tasted the wonderful flavors of their falafels wrapped in pita and seasoned with a delicious tahini sauce. Jim's beef tempted our cautious Isaac and my chicken was marvelous. I'm sure we were a sight to behold as we exclaimed over the wonderful meal and shared tastes. Jim had ordered a red lentil curry soup that was heavenly, and quickly shared around the table. The hummus was the best that I have ever, ever had, and did not last long at all.

I have a feeling we'll be stopping in more often now.

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