Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photography Fun

In the past many weeks I have been going to, then joined, the local camera club's meetings here in Reading. The Berks Photographic Society consists of photographers from professionals to hobbyists and casual camera-nuts like myself. I'm hoping that if some of their knowledge and experience don't exactly rub off onto me, I at least might learn a thing or two from them.

Thus far I have picked up a stray bit of knowledge on a couple of occasions. Enough to get me into the realm of "knowing just enough to frustrate myself". One tidbit that will continue to grow is the link to a website which provides a whole lot of photography lore. Ken Rockwell maintains a site through which he shares his photos, experience and knowledge, and reviews camera gear. From there, and others I know, I learned that there is a certain lens without which I can no longer live.

Fortunately, this discovery was made before Christmas while the girls were trying to figure out what to get for me! They pooled their resources and ordered The Lens, which arrived this past Saturday- oh boy!

And now, the photos! (some, at least!)

It's indoors, it's night time, and there's no flash needed!
The aperture opens up nice and wide to use the available light for a
smashing shot without blinding the lovely models!

That nice wide aperture also gives me a very shallow depth of field,
which means my subject is clearly set apart from everything else in view.

Using a flash would have given my sweet kitty the "green-eyed demonic" look.
But in this low light we just see that his eyes are big and black.

That's all for now, more to come later.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog! Photos are lovely, too.