Monday, February 23, 2009

Driving Lessons

Today Bekah and I went out for a one-hour driving lesson. She has been behind the wheel for a few weeks now, but mostly for short hops between the store and home. This time we went exploring the back roads around the hills here, learning to brake slightly when going downhill and accelerate going uphill. Curves are an adventure, especially when another car is in the opposite lane. I told her about the general agreement among most drivers: we'll occupy our lane, and they'll occupy theirs. No need, usually, to veer off the road simply because a car is coming from the other direction. Particularly when our side of the road involves a drop into a valley below.

I did find that I had to remind her to speed up much more often than telling her to slow down. That is sure to change, but it is refreshing for the moment. The van is still holding up rather reasonably. Having taught two of my kids to drive in this van, I would like to finish teaching Rebekah in it as well. It already has the battle scars and the visibility is excellent. And, let's face it, the temptation to race is somewhat diminished in a minivan, one would hope. Driving in the rural areas around here is nice compared to teaching in South Florida traffic- fewer maniacs around us.

I do believe that this session went well. No tension headache, few occasions where I felt the desire to leap from the vehicle... Soon it'll be three down, two to go. But not yet.

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Kate Kelly said...

Are you sure she didn't drug your coffee this morning?