Sunday, February 15, 2009

Little Kitty Gone

Emmi is gone. Out living the wild life in the woods. I'd say she's a poor little thing, but this was her choice. She need only come to a door and miaow and she will be welcome back inside.

Friday evening Jim and I came in from various shopping in preparation for his departure, from luggage to lumber for the guest room. Carrying in the many things involved using the garage door as well as the front door. In the confusion, the garage door was left open. Discovered half an hour later, the dog Vali and little Emmi were already out gallivanting through the night. Vali, being a dog, and therefore loyal, came back right away when called. Emmi we assumed to be taking longer to come in so we canvassed the yard and street, calling our little kitty. Rebekah did spot her in a tree, then watched her take off through the woods, running away as we called to her.

Clearly, she does not want to come back home.

So how do I feel about this? We rescued her from living in a cage at the Animal Rescue League, where she had been abandoned as a stray two years ago. We have given her a home, fed her, provided her with toys and a rub behind the ears when she would permit. For two years. And all this time she has bided her time, waiting for her opportunity to escape? Yesterday it snowed. Her paw prints traced back and forth across the porch this morning showed evidence that she is indeed about. Yet she prefers the cold outdoors to our comfortable and loving home?

Perhaps I am taking this too personally. She is, after all, a cat. Though this smacks of ingratitude, she is only a cat.

And I miss her. Rotten little fur-ball.

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avalarue said...

Just wait till the mice hear about this! Emmi will be missing out on some pretty nice meals.

You gotta wonder if she's thinking over her escape with a tinge of regret. Nawww. She's just a cat!

But I hope she rings your doorbell soon.