Sunday, March 01, 2009

From Clay to Gourmet!

Saturday held some fun events for us here. In the morning the kids and I went with our neighbors, Erin and Michele Bleacher down to our neighbor Nancy's home to make bowls for this year's "Souper Bowl". We had such fun last year that we must do this again! Since we were a small group we each got to make two or three bowls. Erin and Erin are pros at this now, but for Isaac and Rebekah this is a first. What fun playing with the clay can be!

Nancy helps Isaac with his first bowl.

The Erins are moving right along.

Attention to detail.

Some of the things with which we'll decorate our bowls.

Slippery work.

A fringe benefit: Isaac learns to dial a rotary dial phone-
he called my cell a couple of times...

Saturday evening I joined some friends for a Gourmet ladies dinner. Ann, from church, had invited me a month before, passed out the menu (from an issue of Gourmet magazine) with recipes, and we each made one of the dishes to bring. I volunteered to make the dumplings right away since they were described as a Hungarian version of Spaetzle. Spaetzle had been one of our favorite culinary discoveries in Germany and while there I bought a special press to make them at home! So out comes the nearly-forgotten Spaetzle press, and I don't think I'll be hiding it away any time soon!

Ann set such a lovely table.

Clarissa with her appetizer.

The conversation was so easy and fun.

Clarissa and Debbie.

Rachel came home for Spring Break just in time to join us!

Beautiful Elaine so resisted being photographed
that I'll just put in this background shot of her.

The Hostess with the mostest, Ann.

Such a lovely way to end the week. For the entire menu with recipes see here. I am really looking forward to next month!

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Kate Kelly said...

You have a spaetzle press thingy?? I had no idea! you better not put it away after I come home!

Oh I love spaetzle!