Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She's Back

The kitty has returned, or rather, been returned. Emmi would consider it a return to captivity, I'm sure. Her incarceration is continuing as before.

Monday while I was at work, Isaiah and Alex were helping out around the house, chopping some wood and such, when Emmi was spotted in our outdoor shed. It took both of them to capture her, and she rewarded their efforts with some serious scratches that will leave them reminders of her ingratitude for a while to come. As soon as she was inside I'm told that she gorged herself on kitty food, which must be hard to come by outside, then she curled herself up for a nap on Isaac's bed. Shortly thereafter she was ready to receive visitors and purred contentedly (?) while having her head rubbed.

I wonder just how she is weighing this out in her mind. Next break she makes for the wide world I'm sure she'll go farther than our shed...

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