Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rick and Sharon and Kiddos

To continue our Thanksgiving weekend, Saturday morning we prepared for our friends, the Phillips, to arrive for what we hope will become an annual tradition. Sharon's family lives near Philadelphia, so one day of their Thanksgiving vacation spent with us is absolutely reasonable and such fun!

Rebekah helped me transform our leftovers into two soups for lunch, turkey noodle (of course) and potato soup. We still had generous helpings of pie and were counting on getting most of them finished this day!

While Bekah and I cooked, Erin and Isaac raked leaves. A neighbor had hired Erin and Erin to rake leaves across the street from us and Isaac took care of our own yard. Fortunately it was sunny and not terribly cold- once they got their blood pumping!

The Phillips arrived before noon and Isaac quickly whisked Matthew and Jonathon away to see the tree fort in the back yard. (in fact, it was another hour before I saw either of their boys...) Rick, Sharon and the girls joined us inside for visiting, and talking, and reminiscing, and talking, and laughing.

I can't get over how very big the girls are growing. All of the blonde hair has darkened to brown on the girls' heads now that they aren't swimming under the Florida sun every day. Sharon is just as beautiful as ever I remember her. Seeing them once a year now we are still able to pick up right where we left off. Sharing what is going on with our families and churches and those friends with whom we are each still in touch occupied much of our conversation and our time flew.

After lunch we took everyone down to the back yard and brought out the potato gun. It's been a few years since Rick has fired ordinance of any sort from the gun of a U.S. Army tank, but I think it is safe to assume this was the first root vegetable he'd ever aimed at a target. Everyone who wanted to have a turn got one, and a good time was had by all!

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