Wednesday, December 17, 2008

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum...

It is that time of year again! The days are shortening and the temperatures are dropping, but our house will be brightened by Christmas decorations! There was much going on Saturday, December 7th, but we resolved to get a tree before dark, so off we went. In the past two years we had gone to tree farms, but this year we chose to look for our tree at one of the local fire companies. The trees there are still locally grown, therefore pretty much just as fresh, but our money would also be going to support a good cause.

Tree Hugger

Sweet Girls

Our Pickle

This year we chose a Concolor Fir, which has a citrus scent and soft curled needles. It is so much easier to string lights and hang ornaments when one is not being skewered by the tree! This year's tree is smaller than in past years, which had been steadily growing, and growing. Our last tree- a prickly Douglas Fir, was so tightly packed (aka: full) that the ornaments simply laid across the outside instead of hanging from the branches. The ornaments hang beautifully from our tree this year, and it is simply lovely.

The Lighting Crew

So many ornaments bring back memories. I made this when we were still in Germany and didn't have but a handful of ornaments to hang on the tree. That's our sweet Nathaniel, only a few months old...

We made these ornaments only a couple of years ago while in Florida. Glass balls, glitter glue and plastic jewels combine to make lovely ornaments that reflect the lights.

This was purchased a few weeks ago at a local craft show. It's a real egg wrapped with decorative paper.

I think we bought this in Germany at the Stuttgart Weinachtsfest...

And this little guy was bought- or given to us a couple of years ago.

Made in Sunday School by one of the kids... precious.

Nathaniel bought this for me when he was working at the Christian bookstore in Coral Springs. It is painted on the inside, and very detailed too!

Homemade by me in Germany.

And here's another ornament that we made in Florida- painted on the inside, but not quite as detailed as the one Nathaniel gave me!

Our lovely little tree... In the library in the front of the house, situated in front of a window for "the people".

Milo loves "his" tree...

I do love having the tree up early so that we can enjoy it for a few weeks before it's time to take it down. Just add Christmas music playing softly in the background, cookies fresh from the oven, and warm spiced tea and the mood is set.

Merry Christmas!

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