Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ice World!

We have experienced in the past week several "Winter Storms". Actually, we have only caught the edge of each of these storms. Folks who live North of us must have had a lot of shoveling to do, while we ended up slipping and sliding on ice. While snow is far more fun to have covering the yard, ice, once the roads are clear, is rather lovely. Erin took the camera out a couple of times, then I took it for a walk through the yard yesterday. Enjoy.

Down the road from us these folks put out a wreath at the road as part of their seasonal display- coated in ice, nothing actually dripping, it is frozen solid.

Trees of glass.

Looking across the tops of the hills.

This tree is right next to the house.

Rose bush.

Yucca- note the strands of ice where the plant must have moved during the coating.

On Sunday in the sunshine- no melting still.

Here's where I grabbed the camera yesterday and walked through our yard as
the sunshine illuminated the ice sculptures.


Dogwood blossoms that will open in the Spring.

Ornamental grass

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