Monday, June 09, 2008

The Visit

Alex Minarik, who has already endured trial by camping with our family, is our guest for most of the month of June while on leave from Ft. Bragg. Evidently a glutton for punishment, he drove up Wednesday, giving us good reason to be on our best behavior and create a feast for dinner every evening. Gadzooks! Why didn't we do this before?!

Seriously though, we are enjoying our visit tremendously, and spending each evening staying up way too late immersed in great conversation or really good movies. Sleep deprivation will hit soon, but for now we are enjoying ourselves- it is, after all, Summer!

Alex learns the Art of Food

Swinging sisters

We head out for our "Amish Run" on Saturday morning...

And lookie who we find! Gideon and Malinda roasting perfectly wonderful chickens for our lunchtime feast!
Alex watches closely as Gideon Jr. tends the birds.

Organic eggs!

We find the poppies Isaac has been wanting to plant in the flower bed!
Hoover's Market

So for breakfast should we choose the bread or the pie???

Record high temperatures send us to the park pool, where the cannonball king reigns.
And this little beauty sunbathes.

He hasn't yet run screaming for the border...

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the mozas said...

That's so exciting. I remember living in Romania when my parents came to meet Cristian. He traveled across the country with us in the screaming heat. He put up with my father's comments on Romanian driving, no AC, and anything else for days! My mom said if he could still love me after that, he was a keeper for sure. Almost 6 years later, I'd say she was right!!!