Friday, June 20, 2008

On The Road Again

I just waved goodbye to Alex, Kate and Isaac as they left for Indiana and Kentucky. Alex has a Grandmother in Indiana to stop and see on the way back home. Isaac is on two different medications for his Lyme Disease and swollen knee, but hopping around rather well, so he gets to join them for this trip. The sweethearts ought to get more talking time in the car than they did with Erin, because Isaac sleeps in the car where Erin was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the whole way there and back. They better take pictures this time!

Having spent another several days with Alex here has again been a blessing. The strength of his devotion to God is every day more evident, and his desire to pursue an honorable course with Kate is amazing to see. Though I prayed for so long, when God answered this prayer I am still struck by the answer- far more abundant than I could have dreamed. The way in which Alex has just fit right in with our crazy family has been nothing short of a miracle. Conversations that I have been priviledged to have with him on serious issues touching his walk with Christ, the time he spent in Afghanistan and his feelings for my daughter have grabbed my heart and, on more than one occasion, brought me to tears.

Meanwhile, the house is quieter than I've experienced for a while. Those three are off and away, Jim is in Philly, Erin is with friends at a nearby Walk for Life and Bekah is at work. I hardly know what to do first, something grown-up and responsible, or something silly and selfish...?

And before I forget, here are photos missing from recent posts. My computer isn't working yet, but I've been able to load these through Bekah's laptop. Enjoy-

Half of our giant swing tree, down in a storm....

Isaac gets his blood drawn for the first time,... next time won't be so easy.
John Fromuth fits Isaac with a pair of crutches- Thanks John!

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