Monday, June 09, 2008

Big Week For the Kellys

This has been one amazing week for us, and it's only the beginning of a month-long adventure, of sorts, which is still only another beginning. I hardly know where to start...

Having prayed, inconsistently and certainly inadequately at best, for 18 years, for the man whom God intended for our Kate to marry, I believe that we have met that answer to prayer. Alex is, first and foremost, a godly young man. His devotion to Christ is exhibited in his life and conversation as well as his treatment of and respect for Kate (and her parents too!). Jim and I have each had opportunities to talk at length with Alex about his faith and his expectations with our daughter. They have our blessing, prayerfully, with full reliance upon God to give them wisdom and insight, to enter into a Courtship relationship.

Their situation has some unique opportunities, as well as many challenges ahead of them. Kate is still going to Ireland in September for an 11 month internship with Mission to the World. Alex has two years yet to serve in the Army, and having only just returned from Afghanistan, will very likely be re-deployed before his time is finished. He is taking a full month of leave from Ft. Bragg and dividing his time between staying here with us, and taking Kate to Kentucky to meet his family. (They leave, taking Erin along with them, tomorrow, for the first of two such trips.)

Please be praying with us for them, that they would pursue their relationship in a manner that would honor one another and bring glory to God. Personally, I am floored at the faithfulness of God to answer my heart's desire for my daughter in such a way... My cup overflows.


avalarue said...

What exciting news to hear upon our return from Canada! We, of course, experienced that same joy when we went to romania to meet Cristian and his family. Although the language barrier was great between us and his parents, we understood enough to know that God had brought them together, and what God joined together, we were not going to separate. It's a wonderful feeling to know that God has Hand-picked your son-in-law!

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jefferis said...

Congrats BIG TIME!!!!

Jeff & Leigh