Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Fairy Tale Day

Once upon a time, Alex and Kate took a walk in the park.

They found a bench where they could sit and talk.

But then, Alex left his seat and got down on one knee.
From his pocket he pulled a box...
The contents of which inspired a kiss!What a beautiful ring!

There's quite a story behind this ring.

The stone has traveled around the world from war-torn Afghanistan.

And the secrets kept regarding the setting of this stone into a woven white gold band formed a conspiracy of gargantuan proportions!

"Hey- there's Mom and her camera!"
Alex purchased this Sri Lankan Sapphire from a gem dealer in Kandahar before he'd even met Kate, knowing, however, that it would someday adorn the hand of his bride.

Walking on air.

The future Mr. and Mrs. Alex Minarik


avalarue said...

This is the most exciting, wonderful news! Your happiness has spread all the way to Texas!
Now, was that a "camera fairie" following this couple around, or what? Your pictures are priceless.
Love to all,
Aunt LaRue

Anonymous said...

I am crying like she is mine!! I think my Katie thinks I am crazy. This is wonderful news! Congrats to Alex, he is getting a wonderful and special girl.
Lots of love,
The Cohen's

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness! My mo emailed this to me and im crying! MY cousins are wondering whats going on. I wish Kate and Alex the best of luck and our whole family is VERY excited for them! This could convince my mom that i do need a nice camera. Hehe. Well, myself and the family wish them the best of luck, and congrats to Alex, as he's getting a very wonderful and beautiful wife.
Love and Goodluck,
The O'Donnell's

the mozas said...

I can't believe you caught it all on film. Those are some powerful photos, dear cousin! I'm so excited for them:):):)

Barbaranne said...

Just for the record, Alex invited me to be there with the camera. He and I scouted the park the day before the proposal to find the perfect spot. Kate had no idea I was sitting across the creek from them- he had her attention firmly fixed on what he was saying!

Becky said...


Congratulations, Kate! And what a beautiful ring!


The Melendez Family said...

Congratulations Kate!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! How special to have them. It was so nice seeing Kate last Sunday in church and hearing her exciting news! We wish the best for Kate and Alex!!
Love, Brenda for all the Lupinos