Friday, April 08, 2011

Under Construction

If you've visited this site lately you may have noticed that it has been changing in appearance. Blogger, having recently been acquired by Google, has given me many, many options for customizing my blog. As anybody who knows me will attest, I love arranging and re-arranging rooms until I like the results. Spring cleaning is upon us at home, and the furniture is being shifted around in order to customize our home. I'll move a few things, look at the result, sit in the room for a while, leave it and return later; all to gauge how comfortable I feel with it. One thing that has been a steady constant for me is that I don't want my home to feel as if I've just walked into a furniture store, with everything matching and new. That just wouldn't reflect my personality.

And so this is what I've been doing with the blog. While a number of the pre-set templates are lovely, I haven't felt quite 'at home' with them. Each time I've revisited the blog I've felt compelled to move something around or try something different. Looking for a reflection of who I am and not who Google suggests I be, I finally figured out how to place a photo that I took behind the title and simplify the rest of the page. Decision, decisions!

Of course, I now see that there is a way to easily add tabs to link to new pages for the site-


Not yet. Let me get used to this look first.

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