Monday, April 11, 2011

New Title

I began this blog years ago almost by accident.  I had friends who went to Kazakhstan to adopt a boy, and they started a blog to keep everyone apprised of their progress.  One day I just HAD to comment on one of their posts, and stumbled into creating my own blog by mistake.  I was sitting at a public computer in the clubhouse of the apartment complex where we were temporarily living as we waited to move into our new home in our own adventure.

Two things occurred to me.

1.  Having a blog would be a very handy way to keep our friends and family updated on our own changes after our move.  (This was confirmed when a friend answered one of my epically long emails with the suggestion that I start a blog.)

2.  I had not thought for two seconds about what in the world I would call a blog, were I to start one.

And yet here I sat, the website waiting patiently for me to type something, anything, into the field marked, "blog title".  I typed the first thing that came to mind, which doesn't matter a whit if it's a temporary matter.  Yet here I am, almost 5 years later, posting on the same blog with the hastily conceived title.

I've had time to think about it now, and so I'm changing the title to something that more closely reflects most of the content which I post.  I'll cover the reasons more thoroughly when I finish creating the "about me" page.

(And by the way- did you notice the tabs leading to new, fresh, full-of-potential,... blank... pages?!)

I have not changed my "address", or URL, as I think it's technically termed, so no worries about finding this little endeavor of mine.  If this blog is bookmarked or linked to, it can still be found by the same means as before.

Gratefully yours,

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Sharon said...

The new format looks like fun!