Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Raining Cats and Dogs

Yesterday Kate came home for the afternoon and, due to a project on which she was working, did not leave until about midnight. It had rained all day yesterday, with the rain becoming heavy at times. Right when she left was one of those times. Jim helped her carry a last armload of stuff out to the van and then ran back indoors. In his rush, the front door did not close securely.

As I am told, about half an hour later, as Jim and Erin were talking in the living room, (yes, I'm surrounded by night owls- good grief) they heard a furious scrabbling and commotion and looked up in time to see Milo the cat racing from the front hall into the basement with Vali the dog right on his heels! Now, that was strange, because, although Milo and Vali have declared a truce and are living under our roof at relative peace, they still don't actually "run and play". Only Milo and Emmi do that, and we're still not sure that that's actually "play".

Vali went to Erin, who petted her and discovered that she was wet. Initially thinking that Milo must have dumped a glass of water on her, (Milo will stick his face into any glass of water he finds unattended and spill it in his silly attempt to drink it) Erin quickly realized that Vali wasn't just a little wet- she was wet from nose to tail.

Milo ran back up the basement stairs and it was then that Jim and Erin noticed that he was soaked through- completely wet!

Following that evidence they learned that the door was indeed wide open.

(Pardon me while my heart skips a beat- again.)

So here's the observable evidence:

1. The door was left open.

2. About 30 minutes later, Vali chased Milo back into the house.

Our conclusion, made while we scratch our heads in bewilderment is that Milo must have gone out the open door, even though it was pouring rain; Vali followed him outside; Vali brought him back again.

I would have imagined that Vali, finding Milo outdoors, would have chased him willy-nilly into the next county.  But, no, it seems that she went out in the rain- which she doesn't like to do- and brought her kitty home.

Sweet puppy.

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avalarue said...

Are you sure there's not another cat down in the basement? Sounds like a conspiracy in the animal kingdom!