Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Texas Bekah!

It's already the 13th and I'm only now sitting down to collect my thoughts on the recent activities? Time is zooming by awfully fast these days.

Actually, a lot of the time that I spent at the computer around the week of Easter was watching for facebook updates from and about Bekah, who was enjoying a fabulous Spring Break in San Antonio with my Dear Auntie LaRue and Uncle Graham. Several months ago Bekah approached me with the opening line of, "Since it's my Senior year of High School, I've been thinking about Spring break and wondering if I can..."

"Whatever it is, the answer is NO!"

Actually, she was asking if she could spend some time with the Aunt and Uncle who she's only recently begun to know. How could I not give this plan my enthusiastic endorsement? Aunt LaRue is my Dad's "baby sister" and my own relationship with her was spotty since they lived a whole 7 hours away while I was a child in Wichita Falls, Tx. The Summer of 1980 however, I spent a month with them as my Mom contemplated a move from our home in "tornado alley" to anywhere else. San Antonio beckoned, in no small part because of our relations there, and we moved in time for me to begin 8th grade.

The most important aspect of that Summer visit was my introduction to my Savior, Jesus Christ, by my Dear, (and I've recently learned) newly Saved, Aunt and Uncle. They had me at their church every time the doors opened, in a VBS and youth group activities to include a lock-in, and Christian books and comic books to fill my quiet times at their home. Jesus was the topic of many of our conversations and I remember being slightly embarrassed by my Aunt sprinkling her talk with "Praise the Lord"s all the time.

Funny, I think I talk like that now.

But the Lord had a purpose for the time spent there, and I sat on the floor by the bed in my cousin Meredith's room one warm Summer afternoon and prayed for, "Jesus to forgive my sins and come live in my heart,... and please don't leave me behind when the Rapture comes."

Now my children are getting to know my Aunt LaRue and Uncle Graham, not least because of Facebook. Silly, but this "time wasting" networking site has actually introduced my kids to their relatives. Now Bekah, fired by Kate's stories from her September visit, wanted to go for the immersion experience and we were thrilled to put her on that airplane. (Wait, that could have been worded differently...)

Rebekah had a wonderful visit filled with cousins, Mexican food, Texan culture, and touring the beautiful city and surrounding towns. What a treat and a blessing for her to be received with such love and excitement. Grateful for closer ties being forged between our families, I look forward to the next adventure, whether it be in PA, TX, or somewhere in between... hmmm...

Now there's a thought...

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