Monday, April 26, 2010

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy-jig!

Ah, Monday morning. Today the weather is overcast and drizzly. The house is quiet. Exactly the sort of day that I would rather spend at home than go to work. And I DO get to stay home!

Before all of the hullabaloo of last week, with the trip to Texas and the mystery illness, I gave my employer at Curves my two-week notice. It turned into a one-week notice since I had to travel all of a sudden, but the result is the same. No more going to work!

My home and routine had become rather frazzled between working three days a week and chauffeuring the kids to their various places after school. I rarely had time to do laundry, clean, plan meals, or cook. Those being my first responsibilities, I finally came to a point of decision that I must simply stay home. The hardest part of that choice is knowing that there are some delightful ladies with whom I've become friends who I will no longer see on a regular basis. Those who are truly my friends, will continue to be, of that I am certain.

But my family must come first. Being able to care for the home while everyone is away at school or work, and have a meal planned and prepared for them when they come home in the evening is simply golden for me right now. There are so many responsibilities that I have, and they were falling to pieces. Now I am blessed to be able to take the time to pick those pieces back up and devote myself to first things first.

I am truly blessed.

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