Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Amazing Mother's Day!

What a Mother's Day my kids gave me! For days the girls had been secretive and planning,... something, while telling me to ask no questions. While anticipating a surprise is fun, there was a bit of nervousness as well. What were they up to? Had they forgotten any details that would spoil the day? With all they seemed to be doing, I would hate for it to be spoiled for them by a forgotten detail jumping up and popping their balloon.

As it happens, they had everything, if not exactly under control, at least accounted for and were flexible enough to handle the monkey wrenches that might have been thrown into the works.

Sunday morning I was told that after church I was to go to the Goggleworks to take a glass-making workshop- making glass flowers. I have wanted to do this for a while now! Yay! And, even better, two Moms/ friends from church would be joining me! So obediently we went, Piper, June and I, to learn how to handle hot glass and make it into a flower!

Carefully turning the molten glass in the furnace- not too fast, not too slow...

Dipping the glass into the colors, like pressing soft butter into sugar.

Pulling petals from the edges, like pulling taffy,... 1000 degree, molten, taffy.

The (almost) finished product- now it needs to cool for a few days!

Me, Ben, June and Piper.

One purpose for our Goggleworks experience was to keep us out of the way while the girls prepared dinner. Still having time left after making glass flowers and touring all of the galleries and studios, June and Piper directed me to the Pagoda, since I have not yet visited this Reading landmark. What a view- and what a gorgeous day to experience the view!

We finally arrive at the house, only to be told that we need to wait on the back porch. Piper's husband Ed is there already. As we wait, four more Mommies from church arrive! Husbands and children were welcomed into the house, Moms were sent to the porch! Soon, Erin comes out with trays of appetizers for us, after which we are led into the house by our children.

Eyes closed, we walk into the dining room.

Upon opening our eyes, we are greeted with a table beautifully set and strewn with flowers among lit candles. Absolutely beautiful!

The girls worked together to serve our meal, pouring wine, clearing dishes between each course, and grinning over the delight which this lovely treatment inspired.

Wow- I am speechless!

What a gorgeous table, surrounded by friends, laughter, and love.

Perfect evening, perfect day.
From new Mommies to Moms whose children have grown and flown the nest, we are all delighted with this unique and special surprise day.

And I didn't wash a single dish- by the time I woke up, they were all finished!

I felt so special and loved by my dear children today. Well done dear children, well done!

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Sue said...

WOW! What a great day!