Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Playing Hookey Again

So I have to get back into the habit of posting here. It has been about 6 weeks... whew- and so much has happened. I'm sure being able to connect with folks on Facebook has dampened my urgency to Blog, but I will try to establish a balance now that life has resumed a more even keel.

I'll just make a list... Details to follow. Maybe.

In March we lost contact with Nathaniel for a while. The Army had lost him too, so Jim flew from Dubai to Honolulu and found him in three days. Nathaniel is now fine, communicating regularly with us, and is again training with his unit there instead of transferring to Ft. Campbell. In this process we learned again that God is a trustworthy refuge in time of trial. Many prayers were answered,... many, many prayers.

Also in March, my brother Charles came up for a visit to help with some of the big yard stuff that I was unable to tackle on my own. He cut down numerous trees in our yard that were either dead or just in the way of future projects. He gave us a big jump start on those projects,... also known as "removing my excuses" to get busy out there! It was so neat for the kids to have a chance to get to know him better, and me too. It has been years since I have had a complete conversation with Charles; drinking pots of coffee together in the mornings and finishing the evening with Bill O'Reilly on TV was a treat.

Also in March, Kate came home from Ireland. Yes, this was earlier than expected, but it is good to have her home. She is now searching for the "next thing". School, job,... not sure.

After Charles left and Kate arrived home, Jim came home for a one week visit. Perfect timing for lots of work to get done in the yard, he rented a stump grinder and finished off the stumps left behind by Charles's tree cutting. It was wonderful having him here and seeing the photos of where he has already been. There is much travel ahead of him now that he has returned to Dubai. The younger three kids and I hope to join him there for part of the Summer even. The passports are in process, so, we are preparing!

Isaac has had some serious three-day hikes with the Scouts; one on the Appalachian Trail and another at a State Park. Now that he is in Boy Scouts he will be busy!

Erin has been involved in Track and Field now that Spring is here- and the season is almost over. It seems that most Meets were rained out, so it is strange to hear that the last Meet is next week!

Rebekah has taken her first S.A.T. and is ready for the school year to be over. Her taking over more and more responsibilities in meal preparation at home has taken some of the load off of me and is such a big help.

As for me, when the weather allows I am outside continuing the work and projects that Charles and Jim started. The Bible Study that I have led since September ended today. The ladies and I have been blessed with looking at the Attributes of God over the past months and found that, once again, God has blessed the reading and study of His Word. We will meet for brunch to close out our year in a couple of weeks. Then there will be much to rush in and fill the void this Summer as we await a new beginning next September.

So there. I've done it. I've posted once again on my long-neglected blog. Whew... Perhaps there will be photos next time!

That wasn't so bad, was it now?

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avalarue said...

Barbaranne, I'm happy to see you back on your blog. Facebook "conversations" are just too incomplete! Plus, I've discovered that Bill will only check the blogs, never FB. I look forward to more updates from you here!