Saturday, April 05, 2008

Work and Play

Thursday was a cold and blustery day, in which one of my girls was running around outside and another was in a warm and toasty kitchen. Erin had a track meet after school and Bekah was at JR's Pizza for her first day at work!

Erin's second track meet was as cold as her first, but not as successful. Her long jump followed immediately after she ran the 4 x 100 relay, and she did not jump as far as she had in the first meet or in practices.

In the relay, Erin is the second leg, so she watches for the first runner to hit a certain mark before taking off in front of her, holding out her hand to receive the baton. Go Erin!

Now the long jump. Before the meet began, the girls were practicing their run-ups, marking where they would each begin running. They have to hit the "ramp" with their jumping leg, so they carefully measure, with one another's help, how many paces they take and where to start based on that. Then they fly!

Nice landing!

I did get a video of her jumping! Though the goosebumps on her extremely underclad body don't show, you can tell by the sound of the wind and the way her coach is bundled up- right down to gloves- how very cold it was! Yikes!

While Erin was running and jumping in the freezing cold, Bekah was learning the ropes at the pizza place. JR's is where we have been ordering our pizzas on "pizza nights" at our home, and is rather close, considering we are so remote. Just a small place with no eat-in room, they are strictly delivery and pick-up, so it's all kitchen work and no serving involved. Bekah enjoyed her first day immensely. She has been hoping and begging for a job since she turned 15, and we're glad that she has found such a nice situation. Unlike Kate's first job in a pizza place, her boss and coworkers seem rather nice!

Kate and I each had one job with the serving this week, just to recover from last week's insanity. Daytime opportunities are starting now, so hopefully there won't be many late nights. Since we choose where and when to go it's rather nice, so this next week Kate will have one daytime shift and I've signed up for three.

And one last shot here of our sweet Milo, may we all rest this cozily!

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the mozas said...

too cute...what a runner!!!
I saw that To Kill a Mockingbird is on your shelf. I LOVE that book. I taught it for the last 4 part of teaching...sharing great literature with my students and seeing them fall in love with it too.