Sunday, August 19, 2007

Switzerland, how is it possible???

How to fit Switzerland into a blog post? Pretty nigh impossible. Yet, here, my friends, is a taste...

Swiss swans serenely swimming- oh, yeah.
After the smoke, fumes, busy-ness and crowds of London and Paris- terrific as those cities are- Lausanne Switzerland is literally a breath of fresh air. The girls and I took the bus down to Ouchy (pronounced "wishy") and enjoyed the views of Lake Geneva and the few strolling people. Boats, birds and clouds. What a lovely interlude!

The next morning after sleeping until we woke up (no alarm clocks involved!) we took the train from Lausanne to tiny little Aigle. From here we'll board a bus for a 20 minute ride uphill to L'Abri- whee!

While buying tickets and talking about something back home in PA, this gentleman joins us, having overheard our conversation. Charlie is from Pittsburgh and is also going to L'Abri for the fall term! We team up to buy bus tickets and find the bus stop.

At the bus stop we meet two more Americans and one Canadian who are also L'Abri-bound!

After a dizzying ride up the switchbacks in a full-sized bus we arrive at L'Abri, just outside of the teeny town of Huemoz, (pronounced "way-mo").
Kate's new home, a Chalet on a Swiss mountainside.

Geraniums and satellite dishes...

This note on one of the bathroom mirrors gives a clue into the heart of L'Abri.

Kate in her new room- couldn't be happier!

This is the view from her room, oh my.
Have I mentioned that she's in the alps?!?!

A brief tour of the L'Abri buildings, we hike down to the Chalet, Farel House, where most of the studying will be happening.

The room where lectures and Sunday chapel will take place.

And downstairs is the library.

Let's not forget the volleyball court with the view!

Dinner is under way in the tiny, yet efficient, kitchen.

The dining room set for dinner also enjoys, yes, the view of the mountains!

Kate's starting to get to know the other students. Here on the patio most of the discussions center around stories of the traveling to L'Abri and why each is here.

Oh look, it's the mountain view again- can't quite do it justice...

After dinner Gabby finds the piano, lovely!

Most everyone else settles into the comfy couches and chairs in the student lounge to talk about what life at L'Abri will be like with those who've already been here. Music, warm fellowship, the alps, what a spectacular evening.

Next morning, Kate and her roommate Lizzie are ready for anything!

Kate checks the schedule. Every day will bring chores and studies.

Saying goodbye, for now. I'm thrilled that this is where I'm leaving her, she is suited for this and will flourish in this environment. Praise God for L'Abri.

Event he bus stop has a view!

On the train to Geneva Gabby spies an undone Sudoku puzzle in a French language Swiss newspaper someone left behind- yay!

At the University of Geneva Reformer's wall, a memorial to Calvin, Beza, Farel and Knox.

The giants of the Reformation, surrounded by others who were influenced by them. We had the privilege of listening in as an American Pastor lectured to a group on Geneva's role in the Reformation, filling in the historical holes in our own memories. How very providential.

A view of the lake from Geneva.

We took a boat across the inlet, sort of a water taxi. These little girls were too adorable to miss.

Our taxi.

Must not leave Switzerland without chocolate!

And Gabby gets a Swiss watch!

That's it for the trip. We had an absolutely spectacular time and are still decompressing. Our flight home was long and relatively uneventful. It's so nice to sleep in my own bed and not have anything pressing for a few days. Now to put this to bed and move on.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
May He continue to watch over Kate as she learns and grows.


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