Sunday, August 05, 2007

London Day 3

This morning began with more sunshine and a lovely walk from our hotel to Buckingham Palace. We learned that other tourists will be glad to take our picture if we offer to take theirs. Everywhere we've been we see groups posing for photos, then switching photographers so they'll all make it in to at least a couple of pictures. This photo was taken by a fellow from Hungary who could only say "yes" and "thank you" in English (another in his group told us where they were from). Five minutes later we did anothr photo swap with a sweet little Korean family,... from Indiana!

After enjoying our Cornish Pastys for breakfast on a bench in Saint James's Park- yum- and sharing our crumbs with the pigeons, we walked to Westminster Abbey and then the Houses of Parliament. From there we crossed Westminster Bridge and took the London Eye for a spin! It was so peaceful and slow I didn't get a single quiver over the height. And what views of the city...

After we finished the eye we took the tube to Trafalgar Square and entered the National Gallery for what became hours of gazing at paintings as we wandered slowly from one room to the next.

Once we peeled ourselves away from the Gallery we wandered down a side street searching for the home occupied by Benjamin Franklin while he lived in London. A cool bit of American history in the midst of London. After we admired Ben's door we found a neighborhood pub and enjoyed a nice snack/meal and rested our feet for a few minutes.

We next walked back through Saint James's Park and enjoyed the afternoon breeze with the many Londoners also in the park. We enjoyed watching a group of Italian teenagers with their soccer ball as an older British man joined them and showed them some of his own moves.

Once refreshed we found that if we began our Big Bus tour right then there was just time to ride it right around the whole circuit if we didn't get off anywhere, and still have time to take Gabby on the tour again tomorrow, hopping off at a couple of the main stops, (the tickets are good for 24 hours). What a treat to enjoy the breeze and the humorous and informative commentary from the tour guide as we saw London.

Now we're back into our room early to rest up for a full day tomorrow. Gabby arrives!


Anonymous said...

Hello BA & Kate... Love the pictures and the commentary. I can't wait to hear (see) Kate's point of biew too. Say hello to the queen for me. Ha. Have fun. Be careful. Love you.

Lorri Moffatt

Anonymous said...

Dear juggler and Kate,
Awesome pictures and comments. I was on here before but couldn't figure out how to comment. Hope you have a safe trip to your next destination. I am enjoying keeping up with you guys. Good luck Kate. You will come back a changed person. See you in a few months. Sue Yoch