Friday, August 03, 2007


We made it! We're really here! And, boy, are we ever tired...

Here's what to look for, Gabby, As you leave your plane at Gatwick Airport. First of all, follow the crowd- for once in your life, that's ok.

When you see the signs about passports, you are to follow these signs. You have an "other passport".

You'll get in this line for a long wait to get through passport control. They will ask you about the length of your trip, purpose, etc. Incidentally, our hotel is the Cherry Court Hotel- you'll need to write it on the info card the stewardess gives you at the end of the flight. After you get past passport control, walk right past the mobs of people waiting for baggage and head for the exit, following the signs and the flow of traffic. You will go through the customs line for "nothing to declare". We'll be waiting on the other side of customs!

Now for everyone-- we made it to the hotel!Then took the tube to see Kensington Gardens. "Mind the Gap!"

Kensington Palace is lovely, and the gardens were so relaxing. This is where JM Barrie found some of his inspiration for "Peter Pan."

Tea in the Orangerie was a lovely and civilized affair. Scones with clotted cream and jam- yum!

A bit of shopping, not much buying, on the way back to freshen up for the evening.
Into the fray! Lots of folks out tonight. We saw the National Portrait Gallery and walked from there, through Leicester Square to Chinatown, then down Shaftesbury to Piccadily Circus, down Haymarket past Her Majesty's Theater and back to Trafalgar Square where our journey began.

The fun has just begun! I'll keep it brief now. Kate wants her laptop back!

One last look at Piccadily in the twilight. We love you all! Cheerio!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the fun HAS just begun! I love your hotel - the location is PERFECT! You've already done something that was on my list - tea at the orangery!
Hope you got a good night's sleep. Can't wait to see where you go today.
Love to both, Aunt LaRue

Sue Cohen said...

Fun, fun, fun! You both look great, not a bit jet lagged!

Have a wonderful and safe trip, keep us posted! Say hi to the Queen.