Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summertime Fun

It's been a busy couple of weeks, so this entry will be photo heavy, but it's been such fun!

As we wound down from Kate's Graduation and party we prepared for the arrival of our good friends from Florida, now living in Alabama, the Cohens! What a treat to be with folks who've known us for longer than a few months. And even though the A/C was down, they were able to keep a sense of humor about it and we had a bunch of fun. From Saturday afternoon to Wednesday morning we enjoyed one another and never ran out of things to do.

Jim and Dave manning the fire- a manly job!

Sue and BA just swinging in the shade.

Katie and Erin on the new swing- my, how Katie has grown!

Isaac and Robbie will never outgrow their silliness!

The whole gang!

Spending a day in Philly, the kids were recruited for the Revolutionary Army!
Introducing Dave and Sue to the joys of Philly Cheesesteaks at V&S sandwich shop! Yum!

And we must have Rita's Italian Ice on such a hot day!

While the Cohens were here Erin also had Field Hockey Camp, to learn the game and make friends since she'll be playing for the Middle School next year. She had a lot of fun and is excited about the upcoming year.

We went berry picking on Wednesday afternoon and came home with strawberries, cherries and red raspberries- now we want to plant our own!

Saturday night marked the arrival of a much-anticipated Scouting event. We signed up in September for Jim and Isaac to go with the Scouts to spend the night at the Philadelphia Zoo- our nation's oldest! The program included hands-on activities, educational demonstrations, and lots of up-close animal viewing. The guys both loved it!

Isaac brought home peacock feathers for his sisters.

Gorgeous Giraffes.

What a regal pose for this Jaguar.

Oh, and Isaac loves the new hat Jim got for him...

Saturday morning the girls and I drove to Grove City for Gabby Welker's graduation party! Gabby will be joining Kate and me in Europe for our tour in another few weeks- (yikes!) so we delivered her a French phrase book- start learning Gabs!

Seeing old friends was such a blast! Here are the girls with Jordan Parrish- oh my goodness- how he has grown!
Kate with Chris and Martha Martin...

The Kelly and Welker kids- together again!

Kate and Gabby- so excited and all grown up!

My Lisa and me, she blesses my heart.

That's pretty much it for now. We made it home, stopping halfway across the state to get a hotel room instead of risking falling asleep on the road. Wouldn't you know- there was a Biker convention in town and we had to try three hotels before we found a room!
Life is full and God is good!


Anonymous said...

Good to see you and Sue together again. Makes me want to make the trip too.

LOve you guys....

The Moffatt's
Well just Lorri

Anonymous said...

Mom looks like y`all having a blast!!
keep on having fun and taking wonderful pictures!
love ya,