Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Officially Arrived Early

Our year of Home Education came to an end a tad bit earlier than I had realized it might.  I had scheduled an evaluation with a teacher who lives nearby, and is approved by the Mason Dixon Homeschool Diploma program- more on that later, maybe.  As I spoke with her on the phone while setting a date and time for our evaluation, she told me that Isaac's Boy Scouting activities would all count toward days of education, and help to fulfill the required 180 days needed for a full school year.

Isaac sat right down with his troop calendar and charted out his activities for the year- including the camp he'd be going to mid-June, meaning, now, and once they were all added up he actually exceeded his required 180 days!  Initially this news was met by all with great rejoicing.  However, there were a couple of subjects in which he had not yet reached a stopping point.  Getting him to finish those, once he had thought , "done", was nearly impossible, but before he left for camp it was done.

Erin had different requirements for finishing since she's a high-schooler, and her evaluation likewise declared her technically finished before I was ready to turn her loose.  She also eventually finished her work before leaving for her mission trip. 

The portfolios of their year's efforts are completed and the paperwork for the school district- finishing this year and declaring our intent to continue next year- are all ready and sitting on the dining room table awaiting delivery next week. 

Overall I'll have to say that bringing the kids home was a blessing.  There were moments of frustration, but they were clearly out-shined by the building of our relationships and the deeper understanding of and appreciation for our subjects.  Yes, after having the kids with me every day I do need a week of solitary vacation, but it is for recharging and replenishing, not for "running away'.  (well, I might have felt the urge to do that now and then...)

Our school year, as far as the District is concerned, will begin July 1st, and anything we do that is remotely educational can be recorded and counted toward our 180 days.  Formally we will begin in mid-August with the books and the routine.  This break was well-needed, but what we will be studying already has me anticipating the new year with excitement.

Medieval Period- here we come!

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