Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Surprise!

Blogging is turning into a family affair. I've had this blog going since we moved to PA in the Fall of 2006. My Aunt and my cousin, both in San Antonio, not only follow my blog, but each has their own. (each has/ each have...?!) Before Facebook it was how we kept up with one another. Now it continues to add a depth and richness that Facebook will always lack.

One treat to following my Dear Auntie on her blog is watching the progress she makes on various projects. Her latest endeavor has been quilting, which she thoroughly enjoys. When she and Dear Uncle visited up here a couple of years ago, one stop on the tour which thrilled her to her toes was the Amish Quilt museum in Lancaster County. She'll post photos of the mysterious process, and I can watch as swatches of fabric become one unified and beautiful quilt.

Lately she has been working on a quilt with such beautiful rich colors and a floral background. Her commentary on the process was illuminating; her commentary on the "Secret Recipient" was mysterious. Slowly but surely- actually, far faster than I would ever expect to accomplish such a feat myself- the quilt came together. The photo of her sweet little dog "Treasure" having a nap on it to test it was especially cute.

Wednesday evening a box arrived in the mail. My Dear Auntie had designed and made that gorgeous quilt for me! The colors being the deep red of a fine red wine, and the golden color of my sweet kitty Milo, are absolutely perfect! What a wonderful gift, the love and care that went into this quilt are staggering to me. When I curl up in it I will feel my Dear Auntie's loving arms around me and know that I am truly blessed.

Enjoying the first of many cuddle-times with my Milo and my quilt!

The quality control on this particular product was very, very high. Treasure tested and Milo approved!

Thank you more than I can say Auntie Dear!


avalarue said...

You are so welcome! Your appreciation is more than enough to warm my heart. I do love my Kelly family.

the mozas said...

She makes some of the best quilts I've ever seen! or curled up under:)