Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mobilizing For Sam Rohrer

My Sweetie sure knows how to show a girl a good time on Valentine's Day weekend.

Yesterday morning we got all dressed up and drove to Harrisburg for... a political conference. Now, normally, I would have wanted to attend a political conference about as much as I wanted a root canal. But this past year has changed things for me. Watching our government seemingly spinning out of control even as people all across our Nation are gathering to loudly protest- and yet not be heard- has raised my awareness. For me, voting has always involved knowing pretty much about the Presidential candidates, but not much about anyone else, and therefore voting the straight Republican Party ticket. No more.

Especially after what was happening in the same hotel where we met yesterday. While we were in one meeting hall with Sam Rohrer, our local State Representative who is now running for Governor, the Pennsylvania Republican Committee was in another meeting hall deciding that the Republicans of PA don't know enough to choose our own candidate in a Primary. The PRC voted yesterday to endorse our state Attorney General and moderate Republican, Tom Corbett, instead of holding an open primary in which the people's choice could be heard.

Really?! Wow.

We have decided to endorse Sam Rohrer, not only because he is a conservative Republican who has served nine terms in Harrisburg and can reliably be trusted to stand up for constitutional government and family affirming public policies*, but because Jim has actually met with him on several occasions to discuss his understanding of the role of government in Pennsylvania and how he wants to lead our state. (*full disclosure- I quoted some of Sam's literature in order to keep this succinct.) We've done our homework. Sam is also a brother in the Lord- but that is not why we are voting for him. It does give us direction in praying for him and his campaign.

Early in Sam's time as a Representative in Harrisburg, he developed a list- a filter, actually- through which every policy needed to pass before he would vote on it.

1.) Is it moral?
2.) Is it constitutional?
3.) Is it needed?
4.) Can we pay for it?
5.) Is this a State issue, or should it be dealt with on a more local level?

A "no" answer on any of these meant a no from Sam. The simplicity is beautiful. His integrity is obvious. Only a man of great personal character, absent of the vanity which political life normally breeds, would hold himself to such honest boundaries.

So, yesterday was indeed interesting and informative. We now have not only bumper stickers and buttons to share with friends and information on Sam's record and agenda, but a petition for which we are gathering signatures to get his name onto the ballot for the Primary election in May. And I didn't go empty-handed, I took my camera. Enjoy.

Some 400 people came to this event.

Plenty of information to be had.

I love camera folks.

Listening intently.

Our choice for Governor, Sam Rohrer

"Go Sam Go!"

Man of integrity.

And the crowd goes wild...

Our beautiful Capitol building, covered in snow.

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Jeannie said...

Beautiful photos, and great coverage, Barbaranne!