Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

Hearken back, if you will, to New Year's Eve, which we spent with Jim's cousins. These same family members also have a Fourth of July party to which we were invited. Glad to have the opportunity to see them again, we packed up our bunch and headed out Saturday for another family gathering. Our poor children have been deprived of such gatherings for most of their lives since we have moved around so much and have not been very communicative beyond Christmas cards. What a treat to re-connect with Jim's family now; better late than never! To explain the relationship connections I should probably create a chart of some kind…

(So it's not exactly clear... sorry)

{I know that I am forgetting names, do forgive me please. I am actually rather impressed with how many names that I have remembered here, given that there is another family altogether unrelated in the mix as well. Mark Nelson with his wife and children live with Ginger and their extended family has been at each of the parties as well. Being a train wreck of confusion for my memory, the faces are becoming familiar, but the names will take some more practice!}

All this said, we spent Saturday at Ginger's with the family and friends. The girls and I were able to jump right into the food preparations happening in the kitchen as there were pasta salad, potato salad, and hundreds of deviled eggs to be made. Guy introduced us to his Sweetheart, Angela, and her son, Austin, about whom we'd heard when we saw him last at the New Year's party. The pool was open for swimmers; bocce, airsoft gun battles, and fireworks kept the kids (large and small) busy. Visiting and eating were almost constant as we continued to get to know these people who we would gladly have as friends if we weren't related. The weather was lovely so we enjoyed the outdoors the entire day.

Gladys and one of her sweet granddaughters.

Gladys, Erin, Kate, Isaac, Rebekah, Ginger

Ending with fireworks was a treat for the kids, and Isaac was able to help with the setting up and lighting. The best of the fireworks though, was when Guy got down on one knee and proposed to Angela. She said yes through her tears, to the delight and applause of her new family. I was impressed with how close and loving this family is, that such a moment would so naturally be shared with them. I am so glad that we live close enough to see them on a regular basis now.

Angela and Guy

Sunday was again warm and bright. After church we took a brief break at home before heading to the Noble's for a relaxing afternoon of food and fellowship. Their farm sits down in a fishbowl of a valley and is simply beautiful with the green pastures and red buildings, horses and alpacas. Russell and Darlene Roeder were there as well as the Tuschers and Ross's parents, brother, and sister-in-law. Darlene brought her wonderful potato salad and Russell was helping out at the grill, turning out chicken and lovely roasted veggies. Going to the Nobles always includes a tour of the barn and seeing the newest born baby alpacas. With the Noble girls, Roeder boys and our kids, the energy was hopping and there was no lack of activity, even when they were sitting still, which was rare!

The Gang

There isn't room in the blog to show all of the photos we took, but follow these links to see the photo albums posted and captioned on Facebook. Enjoy!

July 4th

July 5th

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