Monday, July 06, 2009

Birthday, New Friends, Driver’s License, Oh My!

What a busy week and weekend we have had! Kate celebrated her 20th birthday on Tuesday… Twenty years old! We took her out to dinner and the hilarity and laughter, fortunately, did not get us kicked out of the restaurant! After dinner we returned home for cake- chocolate- and gifts. The kids delighted in finding special things for their sister and we all enjoyed watching Kate open her presents.

On Wednesday morning, Rebekah passed her Driving test on the first try! She was somewhat nervous since many of her friends had taken the test twice before passing. Once she successfully parallel parked, the rest was easy. But then, that's Bekah; determined, methodical, cool as a cucumber. Give her a task and she sets her mind to get it done. Once licensed, Bekah dropped me off at home then drove out to the Noble's farm to show off her precious piece of plastic.

Wednesday afternoon Erin, Isaac and I went to our new friends' house for a visit and a dip in the pool. I met Doreen through a convoluted method only possible through the working of the Lord. A friend of mine in another state knows her sister, and the rest is confusing, so I'll just say that we eventually became friends on Facebook, a couple of weeks later we had lunch, and an instant connection was made between our hearts. Doreen is a gardener with "mad skills"- her yard is amazing to see and clearly a work of love. While the kids swam Doreen and I talked about everything under the sun, circling around throughout our conversation to the working of the Lord in our lives and His mercy and grace. God's steadfast faithfulness to His Word and His loving care of His children is a theme that never grows old and I pray that I may always be ready to declare His praises in every situation I find myself.

I feel sure that I'm forgetting something, but these are the high points- and high points they are indeed! Add in yard work here and there, transplanting flowers and assessing our landscaping chores ahead and that's about it. The weekend will take a different post, being so full, but this covers most of the activity of the week.

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