Monday, June 15, 2009

I Feel So Civilized

We have now hosted our very first overnight guests to sleep in our guest room. An actual, dedicated room, newly constructed and furnished, for guests. The process of building it took quite a few months, much lumber, drywall and two shades of green paint. (mistakes happen) Once the floor was finished I got myself over to Boscovs and purchased a whole new bed and mattress set, then to Marshalls where I found the perfect sheets, pillows and blankets for the bed. What luxury! What absolute opulence! No piecemealing here- this whole sleeping experience would be brand-new with the price tags (discount) to prove it!

A bedside table here, chest with extra blankets there, and nightlight and the room is complete and ready for company. My brother was the first occupant, and gladly so. Having him here for a few weeks was a blessing. Kate followed, as a more permanent resident, but the subterranian atmosphere interfered with her ability to wake up in the mornings. So she moved into an upstairs bedroom with Erin, normally reserved for permanent family members- which is appropriate, since she is one.

And last night we hosted friends for an overnight stay- no relation whatsoever- genuine guests! I feel as if I have (almost*) arrived as a hostess. "And here is the guest room, I hope you find it comfy. Don't forget to leave the nightlight on, it gets very dark at night."

Now for a basement bathroom complete with shower and tiny stolen hotel shampoo bottles...

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Connie said...

Hi Barbaranne,

I love those little hotel shampoos. I remember the rush of hosting, but it has been a while. do you want to come and stay in my guest room? I would never put anyone in my basement...way to many spiders. but if I need to sleep and sleep and sleep, I'll request a night in yours!

I have had all 5 children under one roof for 2 weeks! Starting tomorrow the 3 big boys will be in New Jersey for the summer on LBI. In September, my Ben moves to San Francisco. and Nate moves to Guadalupe.

When does your gang visit Dubai? Oops....I just realized that I am not blogging!!!!

i'll have to get my act together on my communication modes.

Have a great night.