Wednesday, January 21, 2009

We Finally Got Snow For Keeps!

At last, SNOW! Snow to last for a few days even! The kids have gone sledding and played outdoors in the white stuff. They have marveled at the number of animal tracks found crossing the yard each morning, and then marred those tracks by letting Vali run and play in the snow. We have had fires going in the fireplace and wood stove almost constantly, to add additional warmth to our cold house as well as atmosphere. Nothing like a crackling fire to make one feel instantly warmer!

Right in front of our house- before the plows have come by.

Walking through the yard in the muffled quiet of the snowy evening.

Holly berries.

Milo gets a whiff- he remembers living outdoors and is so grateful for our cozy house!

No filter on the lens, as it darkened outside the camera captured the landscape in tones of blue- I wonder if there's a temperature sensor on my camera?

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Melb. said...

Absolutely beautiful pics!