Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Philadelphia Museum of Art

This past Saturday we kidnapped Jim away from the many projects and never-ending issues with work and took him to Philadelphia to celebrate his birthday. He truly enjoys museums of any and every kind, so we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the day. Yes, the "Rocky steps" museum, (and yes, we ran up the steps- most of us, anyway). The weather was clear, sunny and COLD, so a day spent indoors was fabulous. Photography was allowed in most of the museum, without flash, so, armed with the camera we proceeded to explore the museum!

Around the base of the George Washington statue in front of the museum are statues of animals found in the American wild. As with the lions of Trafalgar Square in London, we climb right up with them for a shot.

Ready to go find Art!

Erin and Bekah admiring European art from 1100-1500.

The display of Arms and Armor was very interesting.

Enthralled by late 19th Century to early 20th Century European masterpieces.

Our unfamiliarity with ancient Asian art does not diminish our appreciation for its beauty. Bekah here admires antique scent bottles, as lovely as the fragrances they once held.

Thomas Eakins, 1844-1916, one of America's few indisputably great painters, and from Philadelphia, so a whole section of the American Art wing was dedicated to his work.

The girls guarding the innocence of their little brother's eyes... Beware the boobies! (background- Thomas Eakins)

Van Gogh... just soak it in...

Museum visit finished, we prepare to return home. Happy birthday Jim.

For more photos of our day, visit my facebook albums, Philadelphia Museum of Art, album 1 and Philadelphia Museum of Art, album 2.

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