Friday, November 21, 2008

Photo Time

Here are the photos to accompany the last post... Better late than never!

"Did she get taller?"

Group Hug!


Someone is missing...

Rebekah, Isaiah, Eun Ho, Emma, Isaac, and Lillian- Ready for action!

"We're Aerobics Chicks from way back when- you know- the 90's"
(Um, girls, that would be the 80's)

Let the Pizza making begin!
Here are your gourmet choices for toppings- (What a great selection!)

Isaac learns from Master Pizza Chef, Tony Sacco, how to make a fabulous pizza.

Oh, YUM!

Nathaniel, me, Erin, Bekah and Isaiah at the Michael Card concert

The songsmith himself...

That's all for now- to be continued!

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