Monday, November 24, 2008

As I Was Saying...

Okay, we got through the Michael Card concert. The next week was spent in relative quiet until Alex's arrival late Friday night. Jim had flown to Cincinnati for a few days for work, and Nathaniel drove him to and from the airport in order to have some one-on-one time. They arrived home shortly after Alex pulled in. At last, Nathaniel and Alex, two of the main men in Kate's life, meet.

(At the Fall Fest- Erin befriends a two-day old cow- too cute.)

While the weekend was busy; fixing the garage door, Fall Fest at the Lucas's farm, church, etc, there was still plenty of time for calm and quiet reflection... Ha! hardly! Yet, still, in between the insanity, Alex and Nathaniel did get time to visit. Since Alex had a four-day weekend, Monday morning, once the three younger kids were in school, I took the big boys to Shady Maple for the famous all-you-can-eat buffet. No mere chow hall here, the Mennonites cook up quite the feast, which my Army boys appreciated- many plates over!

While there we took some time to peruse the gift shop- almost a whole acre of handcrafts and local goodies. Erin needed a local gift to give to her host-family the upcoming weekend. As a member of the Student Council at school, Erin was going to participate in a state-wide Conference in Hanover, PA and would be staying with a host family in town. As it turns out, her weekend was packed full with activities and her host-Mom was a dear woman whose kitchen was decorated to reflect exactly the rooster mug and towel that I eventually chose for her gift.

But I get ahead of myself. Our final week with Nathaniel home was so nice and relaxing. I do miss having him around, and am so grateful that our visit was calm and unhurried. Thursday we drove him to the airport for his flight back to the warmth of his Tropical Isle, knowing that we should see him in another couple of months when he moves to Kentucky.

Thursday Erin left for her conference from school. Friday Jim and I went to the first annual Quakertown Regional Conference on Reformed Theology, (by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals) where we were blessed by the preaching and ministry of our friend and former pastor, Rick Phillips, as well as Craig Troxel and Carl Trueman. Several friends from our church went as well, and the fellowship around the teaching of God's word was indeed sweet.

(Myself, Rick and Jim)

In my attempt at brevity I will say that the time since then has indeed flown and we are now looking forward to the arrival of my Dad from Texas for Thanksgiving. The turkey is in the refrigerator thawing and the pantry is packed to the gills with the fixin's for a feast. I will work Wednesday morning, but no fear, Bekah will be home baking pies- six kinds of pie! Ah, the smells that will soon fill this house already have me in a state of giddy anticipation!

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avalarue said...

You are being bombarded by folks from Texas! I'm so glad Bill is coming for dinner! He will surely bring a calm presence to your schedule.

While he's there, please show him how to do a little internet research on "things to do" in Dublin for our trip next May. I found a great guesthouse for us to stay in that is quite close to Abbey Church. But we'll have a couple of days before Kate's "day off" with which to occupy ourselves.

Looking forward to seeing you next month. I bought some boots for the occasion!