Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Library Shelves Are Done!

Welcome to our Living Room/ Library! Jim started building these wonderful shelves years ago while we lived in Florida. Now that we are here in the house we hope to stay in for a long while, he has been able to finish them, fitting them to the dimensions of the living room. So have a tour around our library and you'll see where I sit as I post to the blog and facebook, watch The Office on hulu, and curl up with a good book,... or 200! This is my 'happy place'!


avalarue said...

Have you put them up in any order? I tried to do that with Graham's library - thought alphabetical would suffice - and messed up whatever system he had going! Love the continuity of the shelves. Ours are all different!

Barbaranne said...

I settled on alphabetical by author within topical arrangements- for the most part. The shelf with all the skinny kids books is just in order by size on book!

Now I've got to get to work reading all of these!