Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kate Has Arrived!

I spoke with Kate last night and she was as excited as I've ever heard her. She arrived safely in Dublin and was met by Alan and Ruth Boal at the airport. By the time I spoke with her she had already purchased an Irish cell phone, had a brief tour of downtown Dublin, and started unpacking in her new apartment. Her adventure has begun! I'm sure it will take a few days for her internal clock to regulate to Irish time,... (one wonders, however, if she was ever adjusted to Pennsylvania time...).

This morning she went to church at Abbey Presbyterian, and one of the Praise choruses they sang was "In Christ Alone", which was a little taste of home for her. Her every message she writes ends with exclamation points, so I can read her ear-to-ear smile even in her writing.

Ruth Boal, the wife of Abbey's Pastor and Kate's "Irish Mom", posted photos of Kate's arrival right away yesterday, which was such a treat for us. I've "borrowed" a couple of them to post here so you too can see the delight in my baby's eyes.

Kate and Ruth Boal at the airport- does she look excited?

Kate enjoying a cup of coffee with Alan Boal at their place.

On the streets of Dublin; cold, windy and rainy...
yet her smile is not dimmed in the least!

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Sue said...

Woo-Hoo! Glad she arrived safely and she looks so excited!