Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Puritan Reading What?...

I have fallen so very far behind on the Reading Challenge that I must confess, I will never catch up to the current reading list. I have, however, been reading other things this summer: Emily Post on wedding planning; Each For The Other, by Brian and Kathy Chapell, (prior to giving it to Kate and Alex); Same Kind of Different as Me, by Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent- an amazing Memoir which I highly recommend; and The Knowledge of the Holy, by A. W. Tozer in preparation for leading a Bible Study based in part on this book.

My work schedule has increased to 4 days a week and will shift once school begins to include two evenings as well as two mornings a week. The Bible Study will begin soon after school starts and I will also be taking on the leadership of the Women's Ministry Committee at our church. I am fortunate that my job with Curves does not sap my mental or physical energy, but rather builds me up and gives me needed strength. Even to the point where I am getting outside to run three to four mornings a week. A pitiful effort I am sure, but I am up to a mile and a half as of this morning!

I will need much grace to accomplish all that God has set before me at this time; grace and wisdom. Reading deeper things may need to be set aside for a while as I focus on the study which I will be leading and the Bible, without which I would be a hollow and hypocritical vessel.

Life is full- gotta get changed for work!

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geneva09 said...

I read Each for the other and used it for my final paper last year for my Senior Bible class, and its such a great book. I absolutely loved it! Hopefully Kate and Alex will too:-)