Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Democrat Brain Trust

Each week I receive a short email from Green Watch America, a group of "pro-environment Conservatives exposing the lies of the radical eco-movement". A couple of days ago their bulletin popped into my inbox and I found the following report amusing, to say the least...

Most Egregious Claim of the Week:

Nancy Pelosi, appearing on Meet the Press this week, stated that the surge in Iraq has been a failure because, among a handful of other reasons, the Maliki-led Government has failed to pass a carbon law.

No word on whether she feels the same way about the Democrat-led Congress.

If you wish to read the transcript of the whole article, click on the link within the quote. Her assertion is about halfway into the interview. Amazing...

I truly wish to avoid political discussions here, but this was irresistible.


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Barbaranne said...

and who might this be?

alex minarik said...

hello, anonymous blogger... you do have a GREAT DEAL OF EXTRA TIME to waste patrolling blogs and facebook friends... hope you feel like you've left your mark condemning the world, one blogger at a time... wow.

my name is alex minarik, by the way... figured i'd mention that in case if you felt like writing derogatory things on my facebook wall... will they let you post anonymously???