Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Little Something New...

Well, I've gone out on a limb- a short way out- and made a few changes to the format of my blog. Feeling somewhat adventurous this morning, (what was in my coffee?!) I thought I'd explore a bit and see if I could make this site a bit more interesting. Not that I don't have anything else to do...

Moving right along-

This past weekend was Jim's birthday and we managed to pull off a neat surprise for him! Unlike many guys, Jim enjoys museums and art. I found out from a friend that the Wyeth family of artists were from nearby and that a museum dedicated to their artwork is only an hour or so from here. So Jim was told to reserve Saturday for a full-day trip, and we went to the Brandywine River Museum for a day of American Art!

Kate explains the elements of this painting to Isaac.

We have several of the Classic novels that N. C. Wyeth illustrated so the kids were already familiar with some of the paintings we were going to see. We gave Treasure Island to Isaac for Christmas, which N. C. Wyeth illustrated in order to buy his farm in Chester County, PA. Once there we ate lunch, then rented audioguides for everyone. I was tickled to see Isaac using his audioguide for many of the paintings- and truly interested in what they had to say! He keyed in a random number at one point, then spent the rest of the time searching for the painting about which he'd learned. It turned out to be a giant Raven painted by Jamie Wyeth, which we found in the last gallery.

Portrait of Pig, by Jamie Wyeth

Outdoors there were a couple of life-size sculptures which we all enjoyed. There are gardens and the Wyeth house and Studio to explore in the spring, Summer and Fall, so we plan to return.

Hang on Cow-kids!

Now THIS is yard art!

Jim really enjoyed his day with the kids and without his Blackberry. Work has been crazy for him lately, so a day to unwind and think about anything else was a blessing.

Happy Birthday Dad!

This week Erin moved to her next phase of Orthodontia. She now has a full set of braces! The Orthodontist started her with a partial set to get her top teeth aligned first, and that happened so quickly it seemed we could watch them move! Now she's in the full set and eating only soft foods for a few days- ouch! I remember that feeling too well...

"Thanks Dr. Angle!"

Now that's a mouthful!

In other news, Isaac has been home sick for his third day now. It's his throat this time. I'd love to see the school district have a one- week quarantine; send everyone home for a week to get over whatever they are carrying to class! Poor baby. I know he's really feeling poorly when he stays on the couch all day long.

I'm sure there's more to tell, but I do need to run! Be back posting soon!

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avalarue said...

I like the new layout! It's like moving the furniture around and getting a whole new look, but the same furniture is still there! I don't know anyone who makes the most of local resources like you do! I'd like to be your kid. Have a great week - get well, Isaac!