Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year- a tad late!

I am finally able to sit down with my computer after two weeks of (semi) forced exile. From Christmas Eve to January 4th our phone line, and therefore our internet connection, were going haywire. The repair guy finally diagnosed and fixed the problem- a loose wire out on the pole somewhere. With the crazy winter weather we've been having it's no surprise. But evidently we were the only house affected.

After that was dealt with, Jim set up his home office at my desk, effectively blocking me from the computer! Augh! He is now out of town for work, so I can re-acquaint myself with the computer, internet, and bill-paying,... whoopie!

But that's not the fun news. The fun was happening over Christmas with the kids home from school and cookies baking, church activities, and a video-conference with Nathaniel on Christmas day as we opened presents together! Our connection was just stable enough for the video connection to Hawaii as he opened the crock-pot and cookbook we sent him. Now he can cook some of his meals in his apartment- they have a refrigerator but no oven.

Jim was able, during his week of vacation, to finish the beautiful new tabletop for in the dining room. Now we can comfortably seat 8 to 10 people around one table! What a treat!

For New Year's Eve we had some friends come over for an extended meal and fellowship to welcome 2008. Kate had brought a small bottle of French champagne home from Europe which we popped open as the ball dropped on TV.

Here's a brief slide show. As usual, pass your mouse over the individual photos to see the captions!

Have a blessed 2008!

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avalarue said...

That video-conferencing must have been a blast! You are no farther away than a mouse-click. Looks like Kate brought a little Europe home with her - what fun! Erin with a sewing machine! Now that screams possibilities. We'll have to share ideas! So glad you are back on the internet and the blog - I've missed your posts. Love to all.