Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thanksgiving part 3

On Saturday we had our friends Rick and Sharon Phillips and their family come visit for a too-short few hours. Rick was our Pastor in Florida, Sharon my dear friend, and our kids were all friends and/or babysitters! This past year they moved from Florida to South Carolina, so we suddenly have even more in common! Sharon's family isn't far from us, so they were able to stop by after their family Thanksgiving. What a blessing to share an afternoon together.

After lunch and playing with the bunnies indoors we all went outside to explore and play!

Getting this bunch to hold still for a photo is a challenge!

47 attempts later...

Sharing stories of the Army and missions...

This has convinced us to step up our work on the basement and the guest room we have planned. Having this much company come in one and a half weeks was exhausting but a blessing. Once we have a better space to offer we hope to do a lot more of this!

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