Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thanksgiving part 2

Okay, on with the next phase!

Mom, Fred and Caroline left on Tuesday morning and our good friend Ernie Gibson arrived! Ernie drove up from Coral Springs to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. Ernie belonged to our Bible Study small group, taught Isaac's class on Wednesday nights at church and went to West Virginia with us on a Mission trip in 2005. Getting to see him here was such a treat.

Ernie helped Isaac rake up leaves in the lower yard. Weird,... raking leaves a week after shoveling snow...

Ernie was also a huge help getting our new tabletop ready for the feast! Finally, we can have everyone at one table!

One with Ernie...
...and one with me!

For "Black Friday" we didn't head for any old mall, we did it up right! We went shopping at the Green Dragon Flea Market!
Ernie found just what his freezing Florida ears needed!
Having Ernie visit was a real treat and he has an open invitation to return. I'm sure he'll wait until it's warmer though!

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