Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Life is Full!

We have gone from parading through the streets of Mohnton, celebrating it's 100th Anniversary, to driving across the state to see friends. Erin is still playing field hockey and loving it. Isaac is Scouting and learning new things each week. Bekah is enjoying her Culinary courses. Life is full!

I've broken the recent activities into two slide shows to make them easier to view. First is the Mohnton parade and field hockey action!

For the Columbus Day weekend we drove over to Grove City, PA to see friends and pick up some things that we'd left behind when we moved away so long ago. The Breitensteins had graciously stored a couple of items for us and it was time to claim them. So we took the seats out of the van, drove both cars over and after loading up spent the rest of the weekend visiting,... and EATING!

We took Randy and Lisa and the kids to Applebees for dinner on Saturday. Isaac and Matt hit it off so well, Isaac ended up spending the night at the Welkers while the rest of us went to our hotel! Sunday morning Jim and our kids went to church with Randy while I visited with Lisa in the quiet.

After church We said goodbye and drove over to the Breitenstein's home for a feast. Jeff and Rebecca had a mountain of kabobs ready for the grill, along with beef and venison steaks. Jason Miller was also there to join in the reunion. While the cooking and preparing were happening Jason took Isaac down to the pond to fish. The deal was, whoever caught the first fish didn't have to help with the dishes. Isaac proceeded to catch the first fish!

Meanwhile our girls were playing with the Breitenstein's children. Our Erin sat down with their Christen and Erin for some beading- fortunately she came prepared! Between helping in the kitchen our Rebekah was frequently seen with one or both twins in her arms.

After a fabulous afternoon visiting we made our way over to the Whitehouses' for a campfire cookout- just like old times! Fewer kids running around, but just as familiar and comfortable as we remembered. Janet and Terry and Jim and I swapped stories of what's been going on with our busy older kids as well as those still at home. I don't know anyone busier, yet so content.

Our trip was a wonderful time together and with friends and we hope to repeat it in the coming months. Now that we are close enough the traffic can run both ways!

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avalarue said...

Barbaranne, Fall is so beautiful where you live! It looks as though the Kelly's are happily settled in PA. The kids all look GREAT!